Monday, August 27, 2012

Entry Number 19 - Life Stacks The Odds Sometimes

Funny how life stacks the odds against you sometimes, or that is what it feels like.  I tried to start at a gym and my knee threw a spanner in the works.  Said knee has now added another spanner with a cortisone injection this afternoon, which my rhuematologist tells me will amp up my BG levels for a day or two.  Still if it helps with the pain then it is worth it.

I do need to take some responsibility here too though, I can not blame it on the Universe, well of course I can and do, but I have a hand in all things and am not a puppet.  My problem is, well possibly is, that I have always put everyone else first.  So it was easy to fall into the 'I'll look after myself later' philosophy.  Nobody made me do it, it seems to be just who I am.

So I stuck my head in the sand about many things, but mainly the diabetes.  As I have said before I knew it was coming, the clock was ticking so loudly that it was deafening - I just put in ear plugs!

I am not throwing a pity party here, I am just being honest.  I need to face up and accept some blame, become pro-active in fixing what I can (and hopefully slowling this disease down just a little).

I need to give up my soft drink of choice - Coke, and I mostly have, even when my hubby (and my son in law) keep buying it - killing me with kindness it seems.  I haven't had any for ages and then had a small can on the plane over to Adelaide and a small one on the way back.  God, I enjoyed it so much, but I stopped at one, so some will power.  But I am worried about summer.  I love a tall, ice cold Coke in a glass with ice (or two or three glasses) on a really hot day.  It refreshes me, I prefer it over all other soft drinks, and don't even talk about the diet or zero version .. they are not the same no matter what the advertising tells you.

So I am looking at trying to substitute iced T2 teas as an alternative, wish me luck on that one.

My other big failing is chocolate and Smiths chips ... not all the time, like the Coke, but enough to be a big temptation, especially if I need comfort food.  I am thinking of celery sticks, raw broccoli and lots of fruit as a substitute this summer.  With maybe the littlest bit of chocolate on those really bad days, which thankfully are not that often.

Today has been a dark side of the moon day, going back to work with this much pain gave me a very short fuse.  Hopefully two days off work with my knee elevated will turn the tide slowly back to a bright and shiny Lightness of Being.

Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. Tonic water and mint? Coke has never been an issue for me (I don't like it) but chocolate is a whole new ball game. The skinny portion needs to put on weight (badly) so I have been buying it for him. I need to lose weight (badly).
    You are right. Sometimes life is a conspiracy. A black sense of humour is often all that keeps me more or less upright.
    Take care, and be kind to yourself. First.

    PS: Word verification is not my friend.

  2. I was saddened to see the dark moon again on this post but it has to happen I guess.
    Whenever I've had cortisone injections I usually haven't tested my BG for about 4-5 days. No point as it does boost it quite a bit and the result is more stress that you don't need.
    .I am so fortunate in that I've never really liked cool drinks of any kind even when I was young nor have chips been a big favourite either altho' I will eat a few when out which is not often these days.
    Chocolate? Now that is a different story. Pop and I used to have a bar of chocolate every Saturday night for years but not during the week. Now Pop has his little piece of 70% dark chocolate every night while I have my drumstick (icecream) nightly. When my shoulder is 100% better I guess I'll have to go back to dark chocolate again. lol
    Nibbles of good stuff in the fridge is a good idea. Try raw cauliflower. I often nibble cauli when getting the dinner ready and love it. I guess you could have some in a plastic container and it should keep a few days OK. Cucumber is another good one.
    I sincerely hope that the knee is improving all the time. Those injections can do wonders at times, believe me.
    In my mind you are getting better at this diabetes thingie as you are talking about it more readily and that is a good sign. Yes, it is still your problem and your problem to solve and it will take time but I know you will win in the end. xxxx

  3. Thank you for the information about the BG levels when you have steroid injections. I'm about to have them in my spine and shoulders. Good to know.

    I'm not a soft drink person at all, I gave them up when I was 14. But I understand still the missing of your favourite food. Bread was mine. It's 'the ultimate comfort food to me. And I've been following a completely overhauled food program and the hardest thing (thought it's far better than it was) has been bread. I recently bought a fresh loaf from the bakery for the boys (dinner rolls) and the smell! It was staggering how much I wanted it.

    I hope you can find something to replace the coke. I'm not sure what those somethings are though as I'm a water, tea and coffee person.

    I hope the knee responded?