Friday, August 17, 2012

Entry Number 14

Today started off on a high, I got the best morning fasting reading I have ever had.  Mind you it is still not in the 'normal' range, but certainly heading down that way.

Of course, as diabetes is such a fickle disease, I will not be disappointed if it heads on back up again for a while - sigh, well maybe a little disappointed after all I am only human.

If I was to test tomorrow morning I think it might be a lot higher as we had an 'easy' tea tonight, probably not as Low GI as it should have been, but you have those days.  We are trying hard to have less of them though, but Friday always seems to end up one of those.  Both of us tired at the end of the busy working week.

Can't quite see it's smiling face.
But all in all, today has been a good day.  Maybe not quite a full lightness of being day orange moon day, but pretty close, so tonight I give you a big silver full moon to gaze on.

Looking forward to the weekend, that is for sure.


  1. I have my fingers crossed that your high takes you through a weekend filled with love and with joy. Hugs my friend. I should also say that I am so impressed with your courage at sharing the good/the bad/and the indifferent with us.

    1. Thanks sweetie for leaving such an encouraging comment. xxx

  2. Love the full silver moon and so glad it's not the dark side of the moon. You probably don't want me to say this but you will learn to live with frustrations of diabetes but will never fail to feel frustrated. That is the problem with this insidious disease. You can add it to the list of "the little things that come to try us" although it is rather a big than little thing. I do feel there is a lot more positive than negative coming through now and that is great. xxxx