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I wrote a post on my main blog 'Menopausal Mumma' the other day. I said I didn't want to over share about the mental turmoil that I seem to be suffering at the moment, and that's right, on that blog I don't want to, but I have decided to do just that on this blog. I am hoping that by sharing my journey that it will help me come to accept my diabetes, to feel more comfortable with doing my injections and that ultimately this will help improve my health, both physical and mental.

Who am I, well that is a good question, you can read the about me blurb below, but that it just the fluff piece, the real me, is kind of a control freak, kind of suffering from mild anxiety, an extroverted introvert with a small group of very good female friends, both in real life and here in cyberspace. I am struggling to come to terms with having a chronic illness/disease and while it is no where near as horrible as cancer or the like, to me it is still 'doing my head in'.

If you chose to comment, please feel free to do so, especially if you are on the same journey, for something I have found out, is though there is a great diabetes network in Western Australia, there doesn't seem to be a support group of any kind.

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