Why The Moon?

Why have I chosen the moon to represent how I feel?

Simply because I love the full moon, I love to lay on my bed with the blinds open and have the moonlight fill the room.  I always smile when I see a full moon.  I love to watch a full moon rise over the hills behind our house, especially when it is golden or if there is some smoke in the air which makes it turns it into an orange ball.

The moon has so much influence over the earth that I feel it must have some influence on us as well.  We all hear of people acting crazy under the influence of a full moon, whereas I find it soothing.

So Lightness of Being or Dark Side of the Moon just seemed to be a perfect metaphor for this journey of mine.

The bonus of August is that we get two full moons this month and I can't wait until the next one!

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1 comment:

  1. I find a full moon incredible soothing as well. I don't get the 'crazy' talk either.

    A full moon always makes me feel humbled, yet inspired. I feel such a deep connection with 'the universe. I feel an awareness of how small we are but a reminder of what amazing things we can achieve.