Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Entry Number 12

So this morning started with a good (for me) BG reading.  I then promptly forgot to take my tablets after breakfast and then spent the day on the run.  I did however, remember my lunch time tablet, which is the one I more often than not forget.

I got a big plus from my podiatrist, my feet are fully functional and I felt every little poke.  You have to close your eyes so you can't cheat.  So that is great news.  She also commented that my slight hairy toes (OMG) are a good sign that I still have great blood supply to my legs and feet - BONUS.  I promptly got them waxed this afternoon at the beautician - lol.

I had lunch with a good friend who was over on a brief visit from Queensland and I choose a healthy lunch, grilled field mushrooms on sourdough bread with roasted tomato and avocado.  It was yummy and healthy.  Can pat myself on the back about that one.

Hopefully my reading tonight will be good as well.

I have made a decision not to test each and every day, so Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I will do the fasting test (before breakfast) and then 2 hours after the evening meal.

Occasionally I will also test 2 hours after breakfast and lunch as well.  Just to get an idea of what's happening with certain food choices.  My dietician would like me to test more often, my specialist is happy to support my choice.

Now I just need to get the courage to do to the dentist!  For those of you new to the disease, or who don't know anything about diabetes, infections in the mouth are a possible consequence.  As is numbness on your feet, and ulcers on the legs.  Reduced blood to your eyes can also cause blindness.  Untreated infections can result in gangrene and the loss of your lower limbs or toes.  It is a scary disease and as I have recently found out, it is progressive.  So that means no matter how good you are, it will still get worse.  But hopefully that also means, the more you try, the slower that happens.  If only someone had explained that to me a long time ago.

Today has been another lightness of being day, partly because of the good results re my feet and largely because I got to spend a couple of hours with a great friend, and then another couple getting pampered at the beautician.


  1. Great to see the bright red moon two days in succession. Good for you.
    Hair on your toes? How fantastic. I've not had hairs on my toes or legs or hands or arms for years now although the other day sitting in the sun I did fine 4 hairs on my right leg. Is this a good sign I wonder? I still have strong sensations in my feet though thank goodness.
    Today I was told to test in the morning when I get up (not every day) and not to worry about testing after meals but only before meals which is a bit of a twist. I will try and remember to do that in future and see what the results are.
    I do believe if you try reasonably hard without diabetes swallowing up the whole of your life the bad things won't happen too quickly. It's all a matter of acceptance I guess.
    Keep that positive thinking going. xxxx

    1. TMI - lol Mum. That is an interesting twist to the BG testing. I often wonder why they don't ask you to do that and then test afterwards. Thanks for your ongoing support. xxx

  2. Hooray for good days. May there be many, many more of them.

    1. That's @the elephant's child, I really do love that you are here for me, supporting me. Hope you are having some good days as well. xxx

  3. I have no idea what your numbers are. But my highest number of the day is always, always the one 2 hours after breakfast. It's a pretty important number to know though (I think, anyway), because it will dictate levels of medication the night before and give a really good indication of what your breakfast meal is doing, whether it needs adjustment. It is the reading (besides the fasting BSL) that I take most notice of.

    I've long ago stopped testing the after lunch. I don't usually check after dinner now unless I have a hypo. Are hypos something you have to deal with on your medications?

    1. My new regime for a month will be to test every morning before breakfast to see if the Lantis is helping and then my specialist said one other random time each day. I see him in a month and have to take my record book along.