Sunday, August 26, 2012

Entry Number 18 - Head in the Sand Again!

Well I had a great week in Adelaide, it was very relaxing, I managed to read two books, do a little shopping for my three grand-daughters and just put my feet up and look out at the lake.  So I did reduce my stress levels, so a tick for that.

However, I did not make good food choices most of the time.  Breakfast most days was okay, a nice omelet or poached eggs on toast - although strange how they don't have multi-grain toast on the menu.  Usually with a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea and a small selection of sliced fruit.

The first lunch I popped over to the local shopping centre and got a prawn and lettuce Japanese salad, which was yummy and very healthy.  They other days though, well it was wet and my back and knee were killing me so much that the walk across seemed too daunting, so I chose room-service, it was toasted ham and cheese sandwich one day and a BLT the next day.  Did I mention they both came with yummy crunchy chips!!  So not such a good choice at all, but I did enjoy them.  The day we went to the Barossa we had a homemade meat pie with spinach and caramelised onion - absolutely divine, but again maybe not such a good choice with the very buttery short-crust pastry around the pie.

Most nights I tried to make good choices from the limited menu, and I really enjoyed most of the meals but again, there wasn't a lot that came with veggies and so I had braised lamb shank with mash and spinach, a blue swimmer crab risotto (I only ate less than half), chicken snitchzel and chips and salad and then a steak with mash and carrots.

I also ate 2 blocks of chocolate and drank copious quantities of the Farmer's Union Iced Coffee (but the good one with no added sugar and 1% fat milk).

So I stuck my head in the sand and didn't measure my BG levels the whole time I was away.

I seriously need to face up to this disease, but it seems so hard when away and relaxing.

I was also very naughty on the way home and bought a box of Haigh's Dark Chocolate covered Ginger, but I did share it with my hubby and they say dark chocolate's okay - but maybe not so much all at once.

Still, now I am home again, I will try and get back on track.  I do worry though, that if we do a long trip, will I ever be able to keep myself on the straight and narrow?

So all in all the whole time I was away was a Lightness of Being moment because I stuck my head in the sand!


  1. So? You had a wonderful few days break and you cheated a little!! You were having a holiday which to me is more important than you feeling guilty about your food intake. You will come back to normal now you are home again and that is the main thing. I am sorry your knee was such a problem because that is the bad part of your story. Nice to see that beautiful golden moon again. Your thoughts are much more positive than they were even if you don't feel they are. Welcome home. xx

  2. I am with Mimsie. Moderation in all things. OK, you fell off the dietary wagon a little, whilst away and enjoying yourself. You are allowed. You know what you should be doing and more than 90 per cent of the time you do. Would you beat up on a friend as hard as you are chastising yourself? No, I didn't think so.

    1. No you are right, I wouldn't beat up a friend, but I have to be hard on myself, it is the only way I can move forward with this disease, I just feel I stuck my head in the sand for so long, allowed myself to give myself excuses and I can not do that any more. I love your continued support and you are a wonderful cyberfriend. xxx

  3. That is such a profound question Elephant's Child has asked. Would you indeed beat up on a friend as you do on yourself? You have always been tolerant of what Pop and I sometimes eat that is sort of forbidden. I have an excellent stress test to do with diabetes, one I will show you when next you are here. I think your answers would surprise you. Remind me to show it to you. Hope that beautiful happy moon shows up when next you post on this blog. xx

  4. The toasted ham and cheese sandwhich sounds so amazing right now. Mmmm...Want. The iced coffee sounds good too. I'll have to have a look around. I used to love iced coffee but I thought I had to give them up. I didn't know they did a low fat *and* low sugar version!

    1. I think I am drinking way too much of the Light Iced Coffee - which is probably not a good thing, they say you can have too much of a good thing too.

      The ham and cheese sandwich in Adelaide was divine and I might just have a home made one tomorrow for lunch, given I need to be home from work resting my back. xxx