Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Entry Number 17 - Relief

So all the stress and worry were for nothing.  I got myself into a right state right before we left home.  Poor hubby, I don't think he has seen me so anxious before.  We got to the airport and they put my bag through, didn't say anything, so I picked it up and walked away.  Then felt like a right idiot for being so stressed.  Mind you, I  will probably be the same each time I travel as I hate being the centre of attention, and the odds are that at some time, some where, someone will ask me about what I am carrying.

When I was traveling to Broome in May, I rang Qantas and asked them if there was a procedure to take my drugs (injectable ones) on their plane.  The guy said it was all okay with them but if I didn't have a letter from my specialist that the guys on security would throw my drugs into the bin.  So that time I left them at home and missed 3 days of injections.

When I saw my specialist in July he was outraged at that outdated information, but I was glad I hadn't taken the chance.  Now I have the letter, at least I can justify why I have needles and drugs in my bag.

The other stressor was keeping my drugs cool enough.  Unlike insulin which I believe can be room temperature once it has been opened and being used, my drug Byetta, has to be kept refrigerated at all times (but not frozen) and is injected cold.  I ordered a Frio flight kit and it is a little bag that holds another bag that is insulated, you just immerse it in cold water for a few minutes and it activates the crystals inside.  It worked well and kept my pen cold and then I popped it in the fridge when we got here.  The actual travel kit is still cold and keeps cold for up to 4 days, and can be reactivated during that time to extend the time frame.  It is a great idea and well worth the $50 I paid for it.

Hopefully you wont see a post in a few days time with me all stressed again when we fly back home.  I will do my best to stay sane this time.

So today I will share a Lightness of Being photo, for I am feeling relaxed and happy.

Thanks for popping by. xxx


  1. Hooray for the beauty of a Lightness of Being Day. None the less there is also a sombre beauty to The Dark Side of the Moon. It is there, just harder to see.

  2. I love the moon in all it's phases, but a full moon on the rise makes my soul sing. xxx

  3. So glad everything went well on your outward flight and I am sure it will be as good on the return trip. Just try not to worry and enjoy the rest of your time in SA and the flight that brings you home to your family again. It's good to see the bright orange moon but as said above by the Elephant's Child the moon is indeed beautiful no matter how it presents itself and there is beauty in the darker side too. I'ts just that we are unable to see it from where we are standing. You will prevail as you have always done through all the phases and changes in your life. Some things just take a wee bit longer to get used to than others. Love you xxxx

  4. Oh! No wonder your needles hurt, sweet. Cold hurts like a b!tch. You have my sympathy on that front.

    1. I suppose that is another 'glass half full' with the switch to insulin, at least this is room temperature - gotta keep trying to find the bright side! xxx