Thursday, October 18, 2012

Entry Number 25 - The Insulin Regime Starts Tonight

So putting a half glass full on the whole going onto Insulin, at least I now no longer have to do 2 injections a day plus the evening Insulin as I am off the Byetta as it did nothing for me - no weight loss and only marginal dropping of my BGLs at the beginning.

So before retiring to the Land of Nod tonight I will start my Lantis Insulin injection at 10ml, then I need to check my BGL in the morning prior to breakfast, after 4 nights of 10 ml (and the subsequent morning checks), if it is not going down, I need to increase to 12, then 14, then 16, then 20, then 24, then 28 etc until I start to get some results.

So the waiting (no pun intended and of course it would be spelt differently) game begins.  Will this work?  One can only hope.

When I saw John (my pysch) on Monday I told him I was struggling with feeling broken and fragmented, I feel like I no longer have the ability to see the glass as half full.  He found one for me though, many years ago there would not have been medication for Diabetes - so true.

Still this feeling of being fragmented is a worry.  I am so scared that if I let one little shard go I will fracture into a million pieces.

I am sure that attending counselling will help in the long run, but right about now it feels like I have just lifted the corner of Pandora's Box and all that is within will coming bursting out at a rate that is too fast for me to cope with.

Suppression may lead to depression, but I'm sort of scared that non suppression will lead to insanity!

I'd like to welcome my 2 new followers, Wanderlust and Melissa, 2 wonderful cyber friends who along with The Elephant's Child send me so much love that it brings tears to my eyes - thanks ladies.  And of course there is my Mum (Mimsie) who has always been there for me.

Today I had my injections into my back, hopefully they will bring me some relief and I can get back to the pool and walking.  I expect though that the cortisone will increase my readings for a few days as well.

Tonight we had the lovely Low GI Chicken Curry from this post - it really is delicious.

Thanks for popping by and sharing you love and support, I am really trying to get the golden moon back here again xxx


  1. I am here for you in all the phases of the moon. Golden is better, but there is mystery and perhaps discovery in the darker phases too.
    I really, really hope that the insulin helps. And your psych was so right. My mother's first husband died of undiagnosed diabetes shortly after they arrived in Australia, leaving her widowed in a foreign land with three sons aged under six. How she managed I do not know.
    I suppress and release in turns - whatever I think is appropriate at the time. And it works for me, in that I muddle along some how.
    Big hugs. As always I am here. With everything crossed (which might have accounted for my two falls earlier today (bad joke)).

    1. Thanks EC, I love your support but not the fact you had 2 falls today, hope you are okay xxx

  2. I am so glad you mentioned the glass half full again as I am seeing it from that point of view. Once the insulin is out of the fridge it stays out which is great in itself. Also injecting going to bed is something you don't forget. I think I ended up at about a dose of 22 or 24 as I gradually increased it over the weeks. Don't think about putting on weight but just think about the advantages over the other regime. One thing at a time without worrying about anything else right now is the way to go. xxxx

  3. Ok. Disregard my previous comment about titrating. Seriously, I need to stop reading from the top if I've missed a couple of posts. :) I have to start with your oldest post, because I'm asking dumb questions that you've already addressed. <3

    That titrating sounds good. 10 sounds like a decent, conservative place to start. May I ask, are you also taking Metformin? I was on insulin for about 18 months without getting anywhere with my BGLs (or my weight. Between insulin, Prednisone and a couple of other drugs, I gained 30kgs in a year).

    I added Metformin (as well as the recent lifestyle and eating changes I made) and within weeks, my BGLs were perfect. The Metformin made an enormous difference on beating my insulin resistance. (Apologies in advance if you've already answered this one too). <3

    1. LOL - I know what you mean I have done that in the past.

      I have been on the full dose of Metformin for at least 18 months, it didn't do much. I am also on the maximum dose of Diamicron. We threw in Januva for a short time as well - still no difference. So then it was the Byetta, Metformin and Diamicron - a small difference at the start and then back up. So now it is Lantus at night, 500mg Metrformin at breakfast and another at lunch and 1gm Metformin at night. The 120mg of Diamicron is also at breakfast.

      Fingers crossed I start to see the BGLs moving down soon. There has been a slight difference the last couple of mornings, but that used to happen anyway.

      Diabetes just does my head in.

      Thanks for your advice, it is much appreciated. xxx