Friday, November 2, 2012

Entry Number 28 - The Insulin Journey, First Wrap Up

This insulin journey is now in it's second, or is it third week?  I've lost track, started on the evening of the 19th October ... so let's see (fingers and toes out for counting), okay 15 nights tonight, so just over two weeks.

I started on 10ml as instructed, stayed on that for 4 nights, made little to no difference, so upped it to 12ml, a slightly downward shift, very slight.  So up to 14ml next, still only a small shift downward.  So up to 16ml and suddenly I get mid 7's two mornings in a row.  Happy dance.

And then the crappiness of this bloody disease hits again, next morning I've jumped up a lot, back to almost where I was when I started.  So I immediately up the insulin to 18ml, forgetting until this morning that the Prof said increase by 2s until 16 and then 4s, and another crap reading this morning, although a smidge down on yesterday morning.

So tonight its 20ml ... lets see what the morning brings, I fear it's not going to be good because tonight we did take away - sigh, there was nothing in the cupboards because hubby didn't have time to shop, or the will to go to the shops and shop tonight.  I don't blame him, it's been a long and hard week for both of us in lots of ways.

It's not excuse though, I need to just get back into shopping, too bad if my bad can't cope, it is not fair that he has to do it all.  I am happy to online shop, but he doesn't want that as he likes to pick the food he is cooking.

I've still been down about the whole suggested lap sleeve surgery, but the more this disease plays with my head, the more it becomes a choice I might be willing to take.

So even though the full moon was only the other night, there is no brightness here tonight.

Thanks for popping by.

An added p.s - just to show you how this plays with your mind, after thinking I would get a crap reading this morning, I got a 7.5 - go figure!!!


  1. The treachery of bodies is almost unbelievable. Treat them nicely and they misbehave. Do the wrong thing, and maybe they will be bad and maybe they won't. Somedays I find it hard to do what I am told is the right thing for very similar reasons. Hiss and spit - and I hope that life starts to treat you much, much more kindly soon.

  2. From what you told me in our telephone chat tonight this morning's BG reading was quite acceptable so don't give up the ship. I think I got as high as 24 using the Lantus and it was doing quite a good job but took several weeks to really make a difference. The only reason I changed (I may still be on the same insulin although I now use 18 in the morning and 22 at night so perhaps not) was so I could use the special injecting device that my arthritic hands could cope with. I still get goods and bads and so does Pop but that is the insidiousness of the damned disease. You think you've got on top of it and BOOM it does come back and bite you in the derriere so you want to give up but you don't and so it has been with me for over 16 years now and I guess it will continue to irritate me ad infinitum. Your bad readings were probably due to pain or stress or both and not your fault at all. Trying to find rhyme or reason with any of it really will do your head in, believe you me.

  3. P.S. I want to see that full moon on the rise again...the cheerful don't let us down will you? You know how much we love you and care about you and would do anything we could to make everything better but we can't. We can only try and share the journey with you if we possibly can and believe me, we do understand. xxx

  4. Would it make you feel better if I told you that until my lifestyle change in August, I was on 80 units of Quick Acting (2-3 times a day) and 80 units of Slow Acting at night. That's a LOT of insulin.

    20 is not a lot, comparatively, then. :D

    I'll get onto that guest post.