Thursday, September 20, 2012

Entry Number 22

So the week from hell has moved into another week.  I have been so stressed that I just haven't even bothered to test my BG levels, I know they will be high.

But I must start again, I see the Prof in a little over a month, so better have something to take with me, although there will be the 3 monthly blood test which will give him an overview.

I really hope he doesn't add insulin to the mix, but what will be will be I suppose.

Will post some new recipes next week, and try and be here on a more regular basis.

The Dark Side of the Moon is alive and well, but there is a glimmer of hope as tonight my anxiety levels seem to be somewhat lower - doing all I can to make them get lower and lower.

Thanks for popping on by. xxx


  1. I am super impressed that you are upright and that you haven't velcroed yourself to the carpet under the bed, flatly refusing to come out. You would be justified.
    However if you are anything like me, firstly you would have difficulties getting under the bed, and secondly the dust bunny population would have you out and wielding the suck monster (aka vacuum in a house with cats).

    1. Thanks for always caring and especially for bringing a smile to my face. xxx

  2. I am saddened to see the dark side of the moon yet again but am not surprised. As said above it is great that you are still upright and dealing with all the problems in your life. You certainly sounded somewhat brighter on the 'phone when you rang me last evening and I think it is wonderful you are working from home instead of having to put up with all those dorks at work. Don't worry about your BGL. I can say that as I've not tested for a couple of weeks. You can only have so much going on your life at any one time and as you say your HaB1c will tell all anyway. A few test in the couple of weeks before you see the professor should hopefully satisfy him. He really is a very understanding man. Just keep on feeling better as much as possible. xxx

    1. Seems the Prof is different for you, I didn't find him very understanding at all. Mind you that might have been my mindset before going in as I knew it was going to be a bad HaB1c result.