Sunday, September 9, 2012

Entry Number 21

God I hate needles, sure, I am getting better at just doing them, but I hate them nonetheless!!!!

This morning's needle was so painful when I was trying to push it in, I ended up having to pull it out and find another place.  There were tears and everything.  I haven't had tears for weeks.  Just when I thought I was moving forward, I have taken a big step back.

All in all it has been a stressful weekend and this just was the cherry on the cake, a big black rotten cherry!

So tonight I am off to give myself my night injection and hoping that I find a nice pain free place, no pain going in, no pain during and no pain after.

I feel like all the skin (and whatever is just under your skin) is bruised and sore and it is making me sad.

I fell off the wagon big time this weekend as well, Chinese for tea last night (as the family was over and it was the easiest to do) and then out for lunch today and nothing on the menu was diabetes friendly.  Then dealing with some personal family issues has had me craving chocolate in a huge way, so far I have stayed strong, but I did have some sough dough bread with real butter and cheese as an afternoon snack.

Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully the start of a great week.

One can only hope.

Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. Each day is a new one. No beating yourself up for today and yesterday. Step forward. Into hugs and caring. I really hope that tonight's injection is much less painful.

  2. Hope the next moon is brighter. I don't really like sour dough bread but the butter and cheese sounds real great. lol You have to learn to put yesterday behind you and life for they say 'one day at a time' is the way to go.
    Talking about needles both Pop and I this past week have done something really silly. The other night he stuck the needle into his tum and realised he's not set the amount of insulin to inject. Would you believe I did the same thing last night. That meant finding a place to pop the needle in again!!! I am pretty sure I won't do that again. Right now your stress levels will be right up so I don't think I'd bother doing BGL checks for a few days perhaps. Just saying. Love you. xx

  3. Don't take this the wrong way. I know this was a month ago, so it doesn't even apply.

    Have the chocolate, darling friend. Honestly. A couple of slices of chocolate is actually going to have less of an impact on your blood sugar than that sour dough. Partly because we tend to eat more of the bread than we do chocolate. And that type of bread (while it is my biggest weakness, bread is what got me here) is not our friend. It is why we have diabtes. I'm not saying give it up. But it will have to become a treat.

    Dark chocolate (which I hate, so I'm being a hypocrite) is not the devil. A couple of sqares, a couple of times a week won't kill you. Sometimes it's better than the stress.

    1. Fresh crusty bread is always my weakness Melissa, one of the reasons I never bought a bread maker. I am trying to be much better and not having it in the house, hard when hubby brings a fresh loaf home each and every Saturday though.

  4. It can be hard when it's coming in.
    My trick (for want of a better word) is this. I buy a loaf of whole grain bread. (I know it's not as good as white, but really the white will kill me eventually). I divide it up into sandwich bags with 2 slices in each. I freeze them. I take bread out as I need it. I've had a loaf of bread last me about 6 weeks. Granted, I'm eating very, very little and a mostly plant based diet now, but still. I used to go through more than a loaf a week.

    You could also do this with white bread. I know there are some loaves that are low GI? (White ones, I mean. At least I've heard them advertised?). Perhaps buy them, but freeze them into portions). You would be amazed at how much less bread I eat when a) it's not in front of me and b) I have to wait for it to defrost before I make a sandwich. I only ever use it for toast now, and only occasionally I'm finding it easier to eat a salad or some fruit or a wrap.

  5. And without being a cow about it. This might have t be one of the sacrifices your husband makes because he loves you. Even if it's just for a while, while you adjust to the changes. Maybe later you'll be able to cope better with it in the house but for now do you think he'd consider giving it up with you?